The line of division – where is it

A lot of people ask: “What is happening in Ukraine now? What should we think about this?” But do people understand that Ukraine is situated on the line of division of the world? The huge fight happens on the Ukrainian land between past and present, between life and death, between good and evil...

How can you protect your soul and save it clean?

In the Holy Gospel we can find a lot of cases when Jesus Christ healed people, who were obsessed by evil spirit (Luke VIII:26-39, Mark ІХ:17-3, Matthew VIІІ:28-IX:1). What is obsession? How does it rule the person? What power does it have? How can you protect your soul and save it clean?...

 Vladimir Icon of the Mother of GodAccording to legend, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was written by holy apostle and evangelist Luke during the life of the Virgin on the board of the table at which Christ, Mary and Joseph had refected. The icon remained in the Jerusalem until 450. When Theodosius the Younger ruled, the icon was moved to Constantinople. At the beginning of the XII century the Patriarch Luke Hrisoverg sent a special copy of it as a gift to the Grand Duke of Kiev Yuriy Dolgorukiy...

How to understand and to keep God’s Сommandments

The soul comes in this world and gets the greatest gift from God – it is life. The Lord gave Ten Commandments to humanity for its salvation; in these Commandments the rules of life are described. The Lord gave the choice to people – to keep God’s Commandments or to ignore them. It is sometimes very difficult to make this choice. Why?

How to pray for peace in Ukraine

Today a lot of people ask question: “How to pray in the time of the terrible war aggression, which is happening in Ukraine right now? How long this darkness will last in our country? How long people will suffer in it?”

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas the WonderworkerSaint Nicholas is the most revered saint in the Rus'-Ukraine since ancient times - he was born in Asia Minor in the second half of the III century (in about 270) in the Greek colony of Patara in Lycia in the Roman province in a family of wealthy Christian parents, in his youth he was given to the service of God under the guidance of his uncle, the bishop of Patara. His uncle brought him to the priesthood. The whole life of the saint really was a model of Christian service to God and others. When his parents died, St. Nicholas inherited their fortune, which he gave to charity. Saint Nicholas was a bishop of Myra, a city of Lycia, in Asia Minor (modern Demre), his ascetic life and miracles won fame during his lifetime.

Ukrainian people have one favorite saying: "If I knew where I fell down, I would put some haulm there". It is one of the main national features of Ukrainians, as the famous Ukrainian writer Ostap Vyshnya considered. "If we knew that this building fell down, we would put it in another place" - wrote the humorist in one of his works So, if people knew about their souls a bit more, knew about that traps, which were chasing them in the invisible spiritual world, they would not make their lives more and more complicated. They would not think so much where to look for rescue. They would not visit psychologists, psychotherapeutists, extrasensory perception adepts, sorceress and witches, creating only more problems.