Luke, XIX:1-10

Jesus and Zacchaeus

  • About the wisdom of Zacchaeus and about the way of inviting Jesus to your life and apartment

    Про мудрість Закхея і про те, як сьогодні запросити Ісуса до свого життя і до свого помешкання

    We listened the Gospel about Zacchaeus and you should think whether you would like to be on Zacchaeus’ place? Would you like to climb up on the tree and look at prophet Jesus, at Messiah, to look at Him with hope that He would come to your house? Would you like to do it? Surely. But a lot of time passed. How can we do it now?

  • About the chief tax collector Zacchaeus and about the way to approach the salvation for your home

    About the chief tax collector Zacchaeus

    Zacchaeus was the chief tax collector and nobody liked him because of this. People don’t like them, because they use their position for their own profit. But soul of Zacchaeus begged for confession that God would be able to forgive him...