Saints and Prophets

  • St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

    St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

    St. Nicholas the WonderworkerSaint Nicholas is the most revered saint in the Rus'-Ukraine since ancient times - he was born in Asia Minor in the second half of the III century (in about 270) in the Greek colony of Patara in Lycia in the Roman province in a family of wealthy Christian parents, in his youth he was given to the service of God under the guidance of his uncle, the bishop of Patara. His uncle brought him to the priesthood. The whole life of the saint really was a model of Christian service to God and others. When his parents died, St. Nicholas inherited their fortune, which he gave to charity. Saint Nicholas was a bishop of Myra, a city of Lycia, in Asia Minor (modern Demre), his ascetic life and miracles won fame during his lifetime.

  • St Nicholas of Myra

    St Nicholas of Myra

    Feast of Saint Nicholas usually on 6/19 December (or Kiak 10th in Coptic Calendar). The Departure of St. Nicholas, the Confessor, Bishop of Myra (Mora). On this day also the righteous St. Nicholas, Bishop of Mora (Myra), departed. He was from the city of Mora, his father's name was Epiphanius and the name of his mother was Tona. They were rich, as well as God-fearing, people. They had no children to bring joy to their hearts and to inherit their wealth after their deaths. They remained without a son until they grew old and they were enveloped with despair. God had pity on them and gave them this saint. He was filled with the Divine grace since his young age. When he reached school age, he demonstrated, through intelligence and knowledge, that he learned far more from the Holy Spirit than he did from his teachers. He learned all the doctrine and the teachings of the church since his young age and was ordained deacon.

  • Saints Peter and Paul

    Saints Peter and Paul

    Apostles – the disciples of Christ, who followed Him during His earth serving and later went separate countries with sermons about Christian faith. Saints are traditionally pictured with books or scrolls and circular nimbus. Peter and Paul worked on quick and wide dissemination of Christianity outside of Israelite. They both became famous due to their serving for the sake of different Christian communities in all corners of huge Roman Empire.

  • About God’s gifts – why and how do we get them

    About God’s gifts – why and how do we get them

    Apostle Paul appeals to us through the Bible (Romans ХІІ:6-14) with such words: “Brothers! Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them...” And we, dear brothers and sisters, have a chance to think over: “What gifts do we have?”