The line of division – where is it

During the last year all events, which happened in Ukraine, are widely discussed by the most influential people of the world and are written on the first pages of worlds press. A lot of people ask: “What is happening in Ukraine now? What should we think about this?” But do people understand that Ukraine is situated on the line of division of the world? The huge fight happens on the Ukrainian land between past and present, between life and death, between good and evil.

In the parable of Our Lord Jesus Christ “About the Doomsday” (Mt., ХХV:31-46) it is told about the end of the world and about all things, which will happen with souls, who live on the Earth. God warns that He will separate them – ones will stand on the right, others – on the left. All who are on the right will inherit the Kingdom of God. All soul on the left will get very difficult destiny. They will get into hell and will suffer there forever.

It seems to be very simple parable, but people did not understand why God divided them in such way. And the Lord explained them: “All people on the right did good things during their life; all on the left didn’t do them.” It is very simple - do good things and will be saved. It is easy to say, but very difficult to fulfill. And we have to understand what we do and why, not only do something.

The Lord compared human souls with animals. Some people were sheep, others - goats. He chose such images that we could better understand the nature of those souls. I also used these images to explain today’s events in Ukraine. We can also imagine ourselves as the fire, which God sets with His Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit settled on Jesus Christ, John saw Him in the image of the pigeon. When the Holy Spirit settles on the Apostles, they saw the image of fire. It was the fire of the Holy Spirit. When we are christened, whether we are young or old, the fire of the Holy Spirit settles on us. And we start to burn with this fire to be saved and to save our close people. And sometimes it is very difficult to do it, because evil spirits encircle us. They want to extinguish the fire in our soul; they want to cover it with wet carpet that we couldn’t burn and shine. But we need this fire very much for salvation. That is why we come to the temple and confess. God purify us, He takes off that wet carpet, which is soaked with the dirt of sins. And afterwards God fills us up with the Holy Spirit that we can burn, work and be saved.

God’s fire of the Holy Spirit was always burning in the souls of Ukrainian people. And any forces could fade it, nobody could destroy the Divine identity of Ukrainians. Soviet government couldn’t do that and Russian fascism will not do that.

During Maidan times people made physical fire, as a symbol of injustice. Evil forces tried to fade it with water, but God did not allow that happen. The fire of the Holy Spirit was more and more incensed in human souls and black smoke from the physical fire covered eyes of evil supporters. But evil force does not stop and try to fade this fire. A year ago on Maidan they shot helpless people. The same things happen now in East Ukraine, they kill peaceful people with mortal weapons. This is the way of breaking Ukrainians, destroying light, fading God’s fire of the Holy Spirit in their souls. We stod on Maidan with God’s help, the fire went ahead on East to clean people and to give them a chance for salvation. The fire burns in that place, where Ukraine needs purification.

Sometimes people who do not know everything in full call me and ask: “What is going to happen? Will we have a big war?” I answer: “Everything happens according to God’s will. God’s plan is working. God will do everything to save us. And we only choose – to stand on the right, or on the left from God. Because it is said in the Gospel: in the end of the world all people will be separated on good and bad, sheep and goats. ”

This division happens even now. All world looks at the war, which happens between Russia and Ukraine. And the Lord looks how people feel about these events, how they help, worry. God watches every soul that He could later put it on the right or left.