How can you protect your soul and save it clean?

In the Holy Gospel we can find a lot of cases when Jesus Christ healed people, who were obsessed by evil spirit (Luke VIII:26-39, Mark ІХ:17-3, Matthew VIІІ:28-IX:1). What is obsession? How does it rule the person? What power does it have? How can you protect your soul and save it clean?

God explains the obsession of a man as a presence of evil spirits in his soul. Generally, these spirits can’t make evil things at all, if they are not inside a man. They are spirits. But if they obsess a man, that man starts to do bad things because it is evoked by evil spirits. That is why not every man can be obsessed. But only that person who departs from God and in such way let that evil spirit enter him and become obsessed.

And we see that according to the Gospel obsessed man becomes evil and he gets huge powers. It is obvious that this man is obsessed by evil spirit.

If we meet such person in our life, we can see at the first blush that such man is obsessed, because he scares us and looks awful. We try to be as far as we can from that man, because we don’t want any evil thing to happen with us. But much frightful is that obsession of people, which you can’t see with our eyes.

Practically, we all are obsessed more or less with some evil. A lot of us lived under the influence of Soviet demon ideology. We were born in that system and lived a great part of our conscious lifein it. And it is an obsession. That ideology covered itself by the good slogans about a better fate for people. They even created the code of Communism, which was made on the principals of the Bible. But it did not work, because they did not live according to that code, they did not live with God. That is why such demon system failed. God is more powerful that any demon system. And when the right time came God destroyed that Soviet system.

And now difficult times came to us: war, grief and death. Some people say that to be born in Ukraine – is a great misfortune. If we inquire into the history, it will become clear that Ukrainian people have always been in a fight for its nationhood. And 23 years have passed since it was proclaimed the independence of Ukraine. It seems that we must live better, than we lived in that old system. But evil powers work. And we see the impoverishment of Ukrainian people and the blossom of oligarchical clan, which rules us all. And we look at Europe, where people live much better.

The war will be over one day. But how will it be over for our soul? It continues during all our life. Evil spirits fight for every soul, they want to take a possession of all world. It is their goal.

That is why our task is to stand against them. How can we resist? Where can we take power? It is not easy at all. Get free of your passions and sins. And you will be able to take your powers from God. We can find powers to become free and do not let evil spirit obsess us only due to His Truth and His Love.

What should we do first of all? It is not much. Get up in the morning and thank God for us – so sinful, so sick and feel His mercy. And with these thoughts and feelings go into the life which was given to us. Go and create Love, Mercy and Good.