God gave each of us free choice, gave us complete freedom in our deeds. And it depends on each person how we will use this freedom of choice in our life, in relation to ourselves or others, what we will do with it, we will do good (to go the way of life) or to do something annoying, evil (go the way of death). So with our own free will we can be happy or suffer permanently, be dejected, loosing heart more and more, plunging into the darkness deeper and deeper, that will devour the soul, making us even more miserable.

Have you ever wondered about how the Lord is trying to save us, to save, even when our ears do not hear His voice, when our eyes do not see His actions? For example, we meet a man who needs our support, at least, a kind word. And what do we do? Instead of a backing up in the hour of need, we go past him, because we will not be punished for that - we have not violated any law of the country.

So, really, we will not be punished. But we have passed by the man, so the grace of the Lord, that we could acquire, will pass by us and our lives. We did not want to increase our spiritual joy, to sanctify ourselves and to sanctify our neighbours by the joy, because by God's laws, the good done to people will return to each hundredfold. But God cannot force anyone to do good - people decide themselves to do it or not. So to be or not to be happy in the life is the free choice of everyone.

Listen and look at how many people complain about the fact that they can barely live. But to complain that it is hard to live - it's like to go along garden in which there are lots of fragrant ripe fruit and to be hungry. For having a free choice, you are unwilling to make efforts to work for yourself, just reach out and take it. Or it is the same that to pass a clean cool stream in the heat and do not drink, though being thirsty and being able to scoop. And thinking frivolously: "Let someone else do" or "I will drink later" ... But later there may not be such an opportunity, to help someone. Who is guilty then? God? God who gives us the opportunity to feed, to drink the soul by good deeds, or the person who abandons this voluntarily?

And tant to understand is that if you spend your time and even some money to help a neighbor, you will not lose - but, on the contrary, you will possess. Why? Because the Lord, seeing your actions that you justify your life on earth, will bless you with His life-giving energy, because you're using this vital force for good, for building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. "For you are saved by grace through faith ..." (Ephesians, 2.8-9). We only need to preserve, increase and improve it, rising to understanding of the will of God that is to feel what He wants from you.

Let's remember the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:28-30). Before his leaving a man gave his good to his servants. He gave five talents to a servant, two talents to the second one, a talent the third one. That is, each got talents for his ability. A talent is a large sum of money, as a talent weighed 34 kg of pure gold. The man, who received five talents, put them in the case and received income in the amount of five talents, so he received 10 talents from five ones. The second servant, who received two talents, also increased twofold, so he got 4 talents. The third servant, who received one talent, immediately dug it into the ground for storage.

After some time the master returned - the owner of these slaves - and demanded the report. The first servant said:

- My lord, you gave me five talents, I invested them in their business, I earned another 5 talents.

The master praised him:

- Well done, my good and faithful servant. I will set you over slaves. Come to the joy of your lord!

The second servant said:

- Sir, I took two talents, and during that time I gained two more talents.

The master answered as to the first:

- Well done, my good and faithful servant. I will set you over slaves. Come to the joy of your lord!

Finally the third servant came and said:

- My lord, I knew you as a strong man. You reap where you don't sow. You gather where you do not scatter. So I'm afraid you and hid your talent in the ground. So I give it to you.

He replied: - You are a wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I do not sow, and gather where I do not scatter? So you had to give my money into good work and coming back, I would take it with usury. Take it from this talent, - the master continued, - and give it to someone who has ten talents. For anyone who has, more will be given, and who do not have, then it will be taken away, what he has. And take away the unprofitable servant into outer darkness - and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, - the master concluded the conversation.

So, God gives everyone a chance to use all opportunities for spiritual growth, sending us people, situations, so that we could increase good, saving his own soul. So helping people, you do good, first of all, to yourself. So you can become happier, inspired and can see the wonders of God in your life, because the Father will always protect His child and take care of him, but we must be His children and do His will. And His will is to do good and good deeds on the land of our own free choice.