Оnly the Creator can create a soul.

T he word-combination "cloning of a human" (creation of alike, of repetition) itself causes a protest in my soul and has not even grey but black colour.

Is it possible to clone (to repeat) already existing person?

A human being is a union of spirituality and corporality (soul and body). And the primary element of this union is soul. Exactly for a soul, for the fulfillment of its mission a body is created.

When cloning (that is a real physical process) scientists try to repeat body of a person. Thanks God, people cannot create a soul - it's the affair of God and His Providence.

Thus only the Creator can create a soul. It is impossible to repeat a soul, as a soul is unique and inimitable. The Creator hasn't created the equal pair of souls, as every soul is unique and is created for the fulfillment of certain mission like a part of the general program, like a cell or a brick of the integral whole.

A soul can't be divided as in that case the God's Law of the harmony and balance is infringed.

Either a body can't be repeated as in that case it will be another one. It seems to be a reflection of already existing one- its antipode. Even the twins from one and the same ovum have differences. That is to say only something similar to the already existing body is created.

So when cloning, similar body is created, furthermore the duplication or creation not only of the alike but of any soul is impossible. At all points this set of cells mustn't exist. But the experiments of the devil-led scientists sometimes result positively to them and the test objects come to life. But what possesses such a body and what spirit masters it?

So, there is a body for which Lord blesses neither a soul nor a mission for such a creature. If the experiment is successful, a spirit that is opposite to that blessed by God possesses a body. In other words even if to clone a person with clear godly soul, we will get the contrary result - a clone with dark demoniac soul (spirit) that finds some clothes (a body) for itself. But such unity of cloned body and this spirit is not planned in event of conception.

If conception happens in the natural way, a body passes all the developmental stages of the humankind, a kind of getting acquainted with the history of the planet and with the possessions and tasks which humanity faces and moreover preparing the soul for the real earthly life. Over this period, a soul and a body merge together in the mother's womb; they learn how to coexist so a human being becomes an integral unit. Such union is blessed by God.

Besides, the formative period of a person in the womb and the infancy are the additional opportunity for the dark soul, which was permitted to come into this world by God's mercy, to purify. It was given the chance of obtaining salvation, and the infant innocence, the atmosphere of love and upbringing in justice increase this chance. But if this period is missed, then purification and comprehension of the mission don't take place either. If a body doesn't pass all these stages, it kind of doesn't remember its roots, thus is inferior.

So what can possess this cloned body?

Certainly, only that the Creator wouldn't like to let and didn't give His blessing to. Such a union is unstable as it hasn't passed the formative period and adequate merging. That's why the clones are unviable and even if they manage to survive, the period of their existing is very short. Such creatures can't be named "people" and they don't have their continuation. The Creator can't let them breed. Hence these failed-scientists might plan to unite these clones with the ordinary people. But even if in the result of such union the children were born they would be sick and sterile. Thus the Creator protects His creation - a human being.

The conception of a human being is the great sacrament of the union between soul and body (spirituality and corporality). But we - people - in view of our imperfection and narrow-mindedness don't know all the Providence of God and what exactly happen at the time of conception in the Heavens. And it is that we don't know is the genuine protection of the undesirable intrusion into the plans of God and His affair. A person (his or her soul) during all the time of staying on the earth has the constant connection with the Heavens, wherefrom is constantly controlled.

When cloning, the infringement on Sacrament of the germ of life and on the holy mission of the Creator himself happens and that is the greatest sin could be imagined. That is worse than deadly sin as all in this world happen by the Will of God. The Creator creates this world in the constant development, perfection and striving for harmony. Interfering his affair, people disturb the harmony and that leads to chaos.

But Lord is merciful and fair; therefore He will protect His creature by all means and won't let the opportunity for clones to invade the earth

Likewise, when cloning the animals we receive the mirror image of the cloned creature body, and the dark and aggressive souls possess the cloned bodies of the animals. And won't the consumption of that meat and milk lead to the increase of aggression in the people themselves? Nowadays this question of increase of aggression and tense between people is extremely burning.

Thus let's beware and avoid the tremendous sin. And there are a lot of things on this beautiful but so crippled earth to put efforts into. So may God help us .