"Have you ever heard a nightingale croaking, and a crow trilling, a sparrow clanging , and a сrane weeting? Of course you have never heard that. Everything in the world is created according to the principle of nature accordance. Every bird glorifies God with its language, and we, the Ukrainians, have to glorify God with our mother nightingale tongue as it was planed by the Creator, because the native language - is the way to God? 

God gave each of us free choice, gave us complete freedom in our deeds. And it depends on each person how we will use this freedom of choice in our life, in relation to ourselves or others, what we will do with it, we will do good (to go the way of life) or to do something annoying, evil (go the way of death). So with our own free will we can be happy or suffer permanently, be dejected, loosing heart more and more, plunging into the darkness deeper and deeper, that will devour the soul, making us even more miserable.

Оnly the Creator can create a soul.

The word-combination "cloning of a human" (creation of alike, of repetition) itself causes a protest in my soul and has not even grey but black colour.

Is it possible to clone (to repeat) already existing person?

A human being is a union of spirituality and corporality (soul and body). And the primary element of this union is soul. Exactly for a soul, for the fulfillment of its mission a body is created.

How to understand the words of Jesus:  «Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of Me…»

This utterance has a very deep meaning, but, unfortunately, many people do not understand it. Any misunderstanding leads to opposition and brings a person to the wrong way. How can we explain the words of Jesus from the Holy Gospel in a right way? Having read or heard them somebody think: "How could it be? If I have father and mother, how shouldn’t I love them? How shouldn’t I help them? How can I leave everything and just follow God, serve to God only, and forget about my relatives?" No, our God Jesus Christ meant: a person who loves his/her relatives and neighbours more than loves God cannot be truly happy and cannot sincerely follow God.

Holy Fire

Annually on the first Sunday after the Easter in all the orthodox churches is read the Gospel of John, in which we see how the resurrected Christ appeared to his disciples. Apostle Thomas was absent at that time, that is why he did not believe in the resurrection of Christ: "Unless I see in his hands the mark of the nails, and place my finger into the mark of the nails, and place my hand into his side, I will never believe!" He disbelieved, although he saw many wonders in the time of Jesus' life: how Jesus turned water into wine, fed the 5 thousand people, walked on water, numerous healings of people according to their faith.

It so beautiful in Ukraine on Easter! Stars are still in the sky when the lights of Easter candles begin to the blink everywhere timidly. Endless human streams will move along the road from the temple to the temple and the good news will be heard, and everyone will take home sanctified sweet-scented Easter cake and brightly smiling Easter eggs in a smart basket.