It so beautiful in Ukraine on Easter! Stars are still in the sky when the lights of Easter candles begin to the blink everywhere timidly. Endless human streams will move along the road from the temple to the temple and the good news will be heard, and everyone will take home sanctified sweet-scented Easter cake and brightly smiling Easter eggs in a smart basket. 

In the morning every family will finally have festive breakfast, feeling special grace, because this feast is special and spiritual! People who kept the fast will feel amazing grace, the state of pacification and love. People, who not just avoided eating meat, but tried to clean the soul from filth. People, who not just cleaned apartment, but who purificated carefully the soul from the grayness, blackness, filth, those chains of sin, which have fixed the soul. Everyone has them: you have envied there, blamed there, harmed someone or offended.

Only the person, who did not live, could not sin. The awareness and resistance to evil is the confession and together with sincere prayer and good doings - it is the way to the salvation of the soul. The true faith leads the person on this way. Living faith. And the person, who indeed has believed in God and has entered this way, will certainly get a reward from the Almighty. And the words "Christ is risen!" will sound from his mouth as a hymn of victory of Good above the evil - first of all above all evil things in his own soul. So the feast will be more significant. And without it will be only imitation, ceremony, just to tick off that the feast was carried out. Soon we could even not notice how our life has passed, and how we have lost our chance of salvation which was given to us by God.

At the same time, it is so sad, that on Easter the majority of Ukrainian families will be in a state of artificial gladness from the certain dose of alcohol and because of it, it is difficult to avoid dirty curse and fights. Unfortunately, it is the traditional end of national gastronomic entertainments, without the spiritual filling. It is not the feast of God any more; it is the feast of the Evil One. And then the most important Christian holiday gradually turns into a ritual, its importance fades. It becomes like a nut without nut kernel. But how to live without a kernel? What is the value of such nut? What is the value of the soul which does not have the Holy Spirit in it does not have love and calmness; such soul is always angry, cold and dark. It means that such soul is dead. Who has some benefit or gladness from it, when this soul is not glad itself? But the miracle is in the fact, that such soul could be risen. Lord came on the earth and became the victim to rescue sinners, to show them a way to the salvation. Through the simple and such perfect laws. It is only needed to open your heart to God and to accept His laws by your mind and heart and to live according to them. Due to His will you live in this world. And the soul will be healed, will come back to life.

In such way the God's Love will enter into your heart without which it is impossible to be happy on the earth. This is the law of development of the soul. And this is the Verity. But everyone has its own thorny way to understand this.

The last week of the Great Lent lasts. There is still enough time to check up your heart, comprehend your stay on the earth and not to lose a chance to accept Light Resurrection of Christ.

Let Lord help you in the heavy movement toward Truth!

Let God be risen in every thirsty after Him soul!