The Bible Collection: Samson and DelilahSamson is chosen by God to destroy the Philistines, who have occupied the land of Canaan. He is given the greatest strength ever known to man as long as he remains true to his vow and its conditions, yet he still is not convinced of his purpose, preferring instead to spend his time with Philistine company. He eventually falls in love with a Philistine girl, decides to marry her, but is betrayed by her on his wedding day. He soon learns she was blackmailed by the Philistine lords who are plotting his demise, and goes to reclaim her, but she has been murdered along with her entire family.

About healing of ten lepers and modern peculiarities of healing

Leprosy is our sins corroding us. They are corroding our soul and our whole body, and spirit. The Lord heals us, heals our souls, our bodies. But we may not understand this, and not everyone can give thanks to the Lord...

St Nicholas of Myra

Feast of Saint Nicholas usually on 6/19 December (or Kiak 10th in Coptic Calendar). The Departure of St. Nicholas, the Confessor, Bishop of Myra (Mora). On this day also the righteous St. Nicholas, Bishop of Mora (Myra), departed. He was from the city of Mora, his father's name was Epiphanius and the name of his mother was Tona. They were rich, as well as God-fearing, people. They had no children to bring joy to their hearts and to inherit their wealth after their deaths. They remained without a son until they grew old and they were enveloped with despair. God had pity on them and gave them this saint. He was filled with the Divine grace since his young age. When he reached school age, he demonstrated, through intelligence and knowledge, that he learned far more from the Holy Spirit than he did from his teachers. He learned all the doctrine and the teachings of the church since his young age and was ordained deacon.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas the WonderworkerSaint Nicholas is the most revered saint in the Rus'-Ukraine since ancient times - he was born in Asia Minor in the second half of the III century (in about 270) in the Greek colony of Patara in Lycia in the Roman province in a family of wealthy Christian parents, in his youth he was given to the service of God under the guidance of his uncle, the bishop of Patara. His uncle brought him to the priesthood. The whole life of the saint really was a model of Christian service to God and others. When his parents died, St. Nicholas inherited their fortune, which he gave to charity. Saint Nicholas was a bishop of Myra, a city of Lycia, in Asia Minor (modern Demre), his ascetic life and miracles won fame during his lifetime.

About temptation through the wealth, about wisdom, and the God's law

The matter is not that a man is rich. The matter is his wealth blocks his relationship with God. A man begins to trust only in himself and his wealth. Why is it bad? As a connection with the truth becomes blocked...

Ukrainian people have one favorite saying: "If I knew where I fell down, I would put some haulm there". It is one of the main national features of Ukrainians, as the famous Ukrainian writer Ostap Vyshnya considered. "If we knew that this building fell down, we would put it in another place" - wrote the humorist in one of his works So, if people knew about their souls a bit more, knew about that traps, which were chasing them in the invisible spiritual world, they would not make their lives more and more complicated. They would not think so much where to look for rescue. They would not visit psychologists, psychotherapeutists, extrasensory perception adepts, sorceress and witches, creating only more problems.

God gave each of us free choice, gave us complete freedom in our deeds. And it depends on each person how we will use this freedom of choice in our life, in relation to ourselves or others, what we will do with it, we will do good (to go the way of life) or to do something annoying, evil (go the way of death). So with our own free will we can be happy or suffer permanently, be dejected, loosing heart more and more, plunging into the darkness deeper and deeper, that will devour the soul, making us even more miserable.