Archpriest Maksym (Bykov)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters, today we have heard the Gospel of Matthew (IX:27-35) about two miracles. First miracle is the healing of two blind men. But while reading we notice that they were blind not from the birth. They became blind for the mistakes in their lives, for some bad deeds.

The same happens with us. Sometimes we stop noticing bright colors in this world. We do not feel God in it. We start thinking that this world is full of darkness only. We see darkness, conviction and different negative things in our life. We forget that because of this we can become blind. If a person concentrates on darkness, he really starts to lose sight. Why does he need spiritual eyes? In such cases God takes from us our spiritual eyes. Do you understand? Then we do not feel the world as the greatest creation of God we start to feel this world with dark signs. And we do exactly what evil power wants us to do - degrade. We degrade with our spirit and our life.

Where do I go? I want to say that God is fighting for our souls all the time. Not for our bodies, but souls.

A lot of people followed the Lord. That blind men also followed Him. He preached in that place, walked, told great stories which were worth of the ears of the spiritual people. And that blind men shouted: “Have mercy on us, Son of David.” Yes? It means that they confirmed Him as the Messiah, real Messiah. Because we know that according to the Jews point of view the Messiah should come from the David’s family tree. And they confirmed that. They really believed that Jesus was that Messiah, who would help this world.

They came to Him. They followed Him. It is clear that it was difficult for them to follow Him. But maybe God leaded them. They came in that place, which He entered too. And then He asked them: “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They said to him, “Yes, Lord. We believe that you are the Messiah. You are that power, which can help us.” And the Lord healed them due to their faith. And He said: “See that no one knows about it.” But because of the great happiness and gladness they couldn’t keep calm. They were walking round the city and telling and worshiping God.

Many people come to God only for the ritual. It mean that people want to be healed only physically. He/She forgets that first of all you should be healed spiritually. But again, when the person takes care only for the body, his spirit degrades. Degradation happens because he doesn’t understand that body lives 60-100 years only. But the soul is eternal. And God fights for every soul. And evil power fights too.

And we all should remember about spiritual blindness. If it starts happening, we have to do the great affords and rise upon ourselves. Think about spiritual condition of our soul and admit all problems - that we have stopped to see the world clearly, stopped to hear God’s voice in the heart, started to feel fear in the heart for our own life and our close people. We are going deep into the darkness. And when we start to realize that our spirit illuminates. In that very moment we should appeal to God, turn to the source, turn to the Light and say: “Oh God, I believe in You. I believe that You are God’s Son and David’s Son. You are the Messiah and the Creator of everything. You are the source of love, source of forgiveness, source of spiritual and physical gifts.” And say to Him: “I do not have enough faith. Oh God, help me to understand, accept and see the light, love and this world with spiritual eyes. Do not see negative things, but see those things which You settle in human souls…”

Let the Lord save You!

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