Archpriest Vitalian (Drobotun)

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with the Holy Communion, with the consecration of your bodies and souls.

Today we have heard the Gospel (Luke VIII: 5-15), where God told a great parable about the Sower. And it is interesting that some people do not understand it. Even Apostles did not understand it. They were walking with Him every day. They saw Him almost all days, but even they did not understand it. What can we say about simple people? Everything depends on the purity of the soul. As purer soul as better understanding of those words.

The same happens with us, dear brothers and sisters. We listen to the sermons of the clergy, we read the Gospel, but sometimes we can’t understand something, or even anything. It depend how wide we opened our soul for God. And God blessed us with His gifts of understanding of the truth as much as we are able to accept.

We see how God told us about the Sower, who sowed the wheat and about the place, where the wheat fell down. Wheat is God’s word. The soil – is human soul.

Dear brother and sisters, we also should think: “What kind of soil we are? That one, which is near the path and will be trampled underfoot and the birds of the air will devour it, evil power will take it away. Or are we that kind of soil which is a rock? And as it grows up, it withers away, because it has no moisture. Maybe we are that kind of soil where thorns grow. And God’s words can’t grow and give fruits in it, because our living problems stand on its way.”

We constantly find the reasons and excuses why we can’t go to the church, why we can’t pray and why we can’t do something good. Do we think that it might be our last day? Maybe it is our last time and there will be no more chances. And God won’t give us time to do something good.

We don’t think that everything is in God’s hands. We don’t know, but we hope that we will like 100 or 200 years. That we will do all things, finish building, finish everything. But only God knows. Do you know such proverb: “A person plans, but God decides.” Do you understand? We can dream and plan, but if it’s not in God’s Will, it will not happen.

We should dream and think what is in God Will. And we all know what is in God’s Will. It is the salvation of our soul. It is our spiritual and physical improvement. It is the building of God’s Kingdom in our soul. It is not the building of the house or making something material. It is the building of God’s Kingdom as God told in the Gospel. And everything else will be added. Think about God’s Kingdom. How should we live every day and try do not sin? How should we live and give good “fruit”? It is the last case the Lord told us about. When the wheal falls into the good soil, perfect base.

Are we that perfect base, . which can give fruit? How many fruits do we give? One hundred a day? Or one hundred a year? We don’t know.

We should understand only one thing. We have to prepare our soul, body and spirit to be good base for God’s Word, that this base could give fruits. The fruits of righteousness, the fruits of good deeds, the fruits of God’s love. That God could give this all through us.

If God fills our soul up with Light, it will shine all others around us. And we will be saved in such way. Our business will improve in such way. God will be able to solve all our problems of different matter.

Dear brothers and sisters, we should trust God, rely only upon Him. Ask His help. If we do this, we will give that fruits, which God have told us about today. And we will understand that truth, which He has told us in the Holy Communion. Because we will have ears, we will understand what God have told us through the Holy Spirit.

That is why, dear brothers and sisters, let’s take care of our base that God’s words could fall into it and it could give fruits of righteousness and the building of God’s Kingdom.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

About the Sower and about the base for good deeds