How can we protect ourselves and our children from the hard diseases?

Every person in this world wishes good health for his/her children. And Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Gospel gives the explanations with many examples; He says that a man gets ill because of his sins or his parents’ sins. It looks very easy – just live religious life and your kids and you will be healthy.

It is a pity, but in our life everything happens in a very different way. Because we all are weak and poor, even those who visit the church. We sin in our lives whether we want to do it, or not. And we can’t change this. Only when the man leaves his physical body, he stops doing something wrong.

Where do I follow you? It is easier to get rid of a small sin than of a big one. For example, you start fighting and can’t stop. And if you do not stop, this conflict will connect with your soul, it will be in your nature. And the evil power starts to torture your soul and later physical diseases appear. And with time that evil power can move to your children in the appearance of illnesses. In such cases doctors say that they are helpless and the reason of the illness was inherited on the genetic level.

The same thing happened with the boy, whose story is described in the Gospel of Mark (ІХ:17-31). The disease had started to ruin his soul and body since his childhood. It could lead him to the death. And only due to God’s words the evil power left him, so he fall exhausted, as if he was not alive.

Let us assume that his parents should stop in time. Understand, that they should limit themselves in some things, start to think over their lives and confess. Maybe there wouldn’t be such horrible outcomes. But they didn’t do it. If they did, maybe they wouldn’t need such huge interference. Maybe they wouldn’t deal with that difficult living moments, when they was not able to leave their child for an hour alone. Because as we know from father’s words: “It has often cast him into fire and into water, to destroy him.” So, the evil spirit tried to destroy his soul. If they could realize their sin, maybe their child wouldn’t go through such difficult way.

We also have to remember that every sin, which we make and don’t ask forgiveness for, stays in our life. If we don’t get rid of it, the sin will be stored. And later it is harder to get free from all negative things, which are in our soul. And the only thing which can help us is our faith. The faith in God, in His Mercy and in His help.

At the beginning we can get rid of the sin easier, but later when the sinfulness is huge there should be much more efforts. What efforts? The bigger sin the stronger efforts have to be used. If we want to purify ourselves completely, we have to make efforts and change life deeply. In this situation the fast is a helper. But if you can’t deal with yourself, you should realize that you have the weak spirit. And we should say the same way, as the father of that son said: “Help my unbelief! I know that I have a poor spirit, that my prayer is not perfect and I am afraid to communicate with You. Oh God, help me to light up my faith in my heart, that I could overcome myself and move on in my life to change my life, to purify my heart, my soul from all bad things. That my soul would fill up with Divine power, Divine energy and Divine Love.”

And in such way our life will be changed in better with faith and God’s help. And our family will be happy, healthy and blessed. You only need desire, faith and efforts…