The Humbleness and Love

When you read the parable about the tax collector and the Pharisee (Luke XVIII:10-14) the thoughts about love and humbleness appear in your mind. This topic like a white ribbon goes through all Gospel. And if we look at our life, our desires, relationships with people, we will definitely notice that some people consider themselves as perfect and ready for the great doings and they treat the other people very bad.

The human soul is like the scales: from one side is Divine part, from the other – human imperfection. The Lord says in the end of this parable: “ For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled”. If we exalt human imperfection in our soul, than according to the God’s justice, everything will be naturally balanced and the Divine part will fall down. And when we lower our human imperfection inside ourselves, the spirituality will raise on the top.

The question appears: How can we do it? How can we assist to our spiritual growth? The answer is very simple: through the humbleness.

The humbleness the same as love is absolutely blessing quality of the soul. But people usually understand the humbleness as some slavish obligation. A lot of people think that we can show the humbleness only if we fall on knees, make bows and kiss icons. In such way some people understand the word “humbleness”.

But the humbleness is absolutely different thing. It is about understanding of the Divine part of your soul and changing the attitude towards your human desires. And when this understanding comes to the person in that very moment starts the spiritual growth.

Love and wisdom come together with the humbleness. Because there is no love without the humbleness. And the wisdom is given only to humble and loving hearts.