How to sow a good grain in your heart?Today humanity does not live in the Stone Age or the Bronze Age. We live in the Age, which is full of information and mass media. It means that people use the Internet all the time and everywhere. And it is the ocean of information, so the person can even be lost.

Why have I started with it? God teaches us (Luke VIII:5-15 ), that the human’s soul is a specific soil, which is sowed with informational grain. And when a man takes some information close to his heart it grows with thoughts and later with feelings. And it happens that the information, which we take from the surrounding world for our soul, can be poisonous. It means that we take from outside poisonous grains and sow it in our heart, in our soul. It starts to grow and take roots, changes our life and our soul.

What should you remember? The life of every man is a great work. And now we must be very attentive to those things, which we allow to come on the Earth, to our souls and hearts.

How can we protect ourselves from such poisoning? The man has a gift – to feel with his heart. And we also have a change to appeal to God with a request: “Oh Lord, help me in my life.” When the man lives without God, in his soul grow thistles. They can grow so high that he even can’t see the world. Such thistles are the arrogant, jealousy, irritation and many other different poisonous plants.

But the man has an instrument for the spiritual work. It is the Faith. The faith in God, the faith in God’s help, the faith in God’s Love. And the Lord always helps us. The first - the help through our Angel-Keeper, who is always near us and gives us positive thoughts and feelings. He is a piece of God near us. He is our protector. And we can appeal to Him, ask for God’s cover, for help in our life, that our souls and hearts would be protected. That with God’s help we could go through our way of life, save the soul and have good fruit of the spiritual work. Later the time of harvest will come – the end of human life. What could the man give to God? What kind of mean would he present to God? What mean would he have? What things did he grow in the heart? But this all depends on the man.

Today every man should be attentive and watch over the things, which he takes in the mind, in life, in soul. You just have to be careful. Today we have plenty of information, it may be destructive. Sometimes it cripples human’s souls. So, we should have God’s mind, God’s feelings. To do this you have to ask God: “Oh Lord, give me Your feelings, let me feel the situation, which is happening in my life right now and in my country. Give me Your thoughts. Let me feel the world the way You feel it. That I could perceive everything like You, not like I do it with my own imperfect mind.”

Every man should take care that the grains of Truth will get into his heart and life. There are not many grains left, but they still exist and we have to look for them. But at the same time watch over the things, which get inside through our ears, eyes and perception. When the man is looking for something, seek for the good grain, the Lord will always help him in it.