Confession as the tool for happiness

The happiness is such a short word, but it absorbs all human needs, dreams and desires. People make huge mistakes when they try to chase it and later people pay for it with the great sufferings. And the hardest sufferings are spiritual sufferings, because there is no handmade medicine for it. You can’t treat spiritual sufferings taking pills or potions. But what is impossible for a man is possible for God. Confession is one of the tools, which was given by God; every person can find the light in his soul and heal his soul using it.

Confession is the most difficult, but in the same way the most efficient way to reach the spiritual balance. Sometimes it is hard for the person to outstep himself, accept his mistakes and appeal for help to God. But sooner or later it happens. The person tries to invite God into his heart, tries to change his life. He/she starts to understand that changes of life should be started with himself/herself, with his/her heart and soul.

And then the person starts to confess sincerely to God. It is not only confession with words; it comes from the soul and heart. It is the true confession. And the person gets purification. The purification of the soul allows the soul to comprehend in full God light, which is around us. Because we know that Our God has left us in the physical form, but not spiritual. We know that when He was leaving, lifting to the Heavens, He told: “If I don’t leave you, the Holy Spirit won’t come to you.”

We are united with God and Heaven Kingdom with the help of the great power – the Holy Spirit. That Spirit, which is in the Holy Trinity. And the person can comprehend the Kingdom of God in his own heart. But only if he/she really desires it, only if he/she fights for the light in the soul.

Yes, it is a great work, great mission for every soul on the Earth, because we all come imperfect in this world. But we have the desire to become spiritual and perfect people, to get God’s light on the Earth, to change our life, to be happy. But every person should understand that he can’t be happy alone, because he/she is united with God. If the person ends this connection, he will lose happiness. He loses positive properties of the soul. But if the person continues following God, he/she will get more and more these positive properties and become happy despite all trials and difficulties of the life.