Bishop Basil (Nesterenko)


Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with the Holy Sunday and the Holy Communion.

Today we have heard the Gospel (Mt. ХXV:14-30) about talents, which are given to every man by God. This parable in about second coming of Jesus Christ on the Earth in its spiritual meaning. Every soul, which happened to be on the Earth, or will be in the future, has to answer for its life, for everything that was done.

God gives every man a talent, but some people get more talents, some – less; everything is according to their powers. God knows every soul, which has its own potential. The soul has to open itself on the Earth. We see that some people got talents and develop them. But other people on the contrary do nothing because of laziness and do not pay attention on God’s words, they even do not try to fulfill themselves in spiritual way.

We also see a lot of people, who got their talents and they keep working hard. But we also see that some talents are used not for God’s deeds. They use them to become richer, they buy houses and improve their material status. They do not understand that material life is temporary. They do not understand that their talent does not belong to them. God gives talents. So, all talents should be used for God’s Deeds.

What does it – God’s deeds? It means to help people, who do not have such talent, who are poor and can’t show themselves because of illnesses. I can say that such people exist. There was a program on TV about little kids, who are already ill, they can’t even walk or do something physically, but they show their miraculous talents. They draw with legs if they do not have arms. And their work helps other kids with disability.

But there are so many people who are physically healthy, but they do not want to develop and show their talents. That is why the Lord will ask at the time of Doomsday about talents and its usage during life.

We have to become strong in our faith and not just visit Temple, pray, but act in our lives. The faith can become strong first of all due to our good deeds, love and religious life.

And I want to say that religious people wait for second coming of Jesus Christ with happiness. They do not sit and wait when Jesus comes and think that they are so religious and will be saved. They work all day and night.

The soul has its ability to work during the day and during the night; it does not have a rest. And God sees the man who works always multiplies his talents. And the Lord gives more and more. He sees that this man has been faithful over a little and will set him over much. “And He will enter into the joy of his master.” It means that that man will enter God’s Kingdom, where are happiness and love.

So lets look at ourselves with our spiritual eyes. Do not look at you neighbor or somebody else. Pay attention on yourself, what we are. Look carefully and make conclusions – who are we in this world? We are first or second servant, or maybe third, who got one talent?

And we do not want that the Lord did with us what He have done with that servant, who did not us his talent. But we still have our life and it is our advantage. We still have time to realize all out opportunities, which we have; us our talent.

So, I appeal to all to meet second coming of Jesus Christ with happiness, but not with fear. That we could enter the Kingdom of God with gladness.

Let the Lord save You!