Archpriest Maxim (Bykov)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to explain some moments, which God let me understand. I want to say that the Gospel (Matthew VIII:28-IX:1) and the Romans (Romans, X:1-10) are very similar. Because we know that illness and other bad things do not appear in our lives without a reason. Why do they happen with us? Because we make mistakes in front of God, we sin. This law works personally for us and for our close people and for all our relatives. That is why cursed families exist. But the main thing is what we do with our own life.

We can see in the Gospel and in the Romans that a lot of people think they live righteously. They think that their attitude towards life, people, living circumstances are right. But in this very moment a person can fall deep into the arrogance. That is why Apostle told Romans: “It happens that human righteousness is not God’s righteousness” That is why today’s Gospel tells us that the righteousness, which the Lord showed towards that bad spirits, was not accepted in a proper way by people. It was not accepted with the complete understanding.

That is why a person can’t always understand what is right and what is wrong. But Apostle explained this to us today in order that we try not to sin. In what way? We don’t have to blame other people and do not fall into the arrogance. Arrogance also works through such thoughts: “Who will get into the Kingdom of God? Who will be saved? It might be me.” It is important not to have such thoughts.

While we live on the Earth we come through the process of salvation. It is constant fight. Our soul is being healed all the time; our understanding and perception of the world are being improved. And we shouldn’t blame nobody and nothing; we shouldn’t tell God what to do, how to act, who must go on Heavens and who – to hell. It is not our business. Our cause is to live, to learn how to love, to understand this world and to have the ability to forgive each other. It is important to remember this and do this. But it must go only according to laws. But in such way we can only live, but not be saved. To be saved we should have the faith, love and desire in our heart. That we act in such way on every our step, with all power of our soul, but not just with words. Only when a person has a chance to be saved.

Let the Lord save You!