Bishop Nicholas (Berdyuhyn)

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with the Holy Communion and New Year! It will bring us a new fight and new achievements. Let the Lord strengthen us in all our deeds, which we have to accomplish, that we will be strong and in Holy Spirit.

Today we have heard the Gospel about the family tree of Jesus Christ – Our Lord (Mathew I:1-25). I want to separate two parts here. The first is about the genealogy of Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ. And the second is about the miracle of the Birth of Jesus Christ from the Holy Spirit. The sacrament of birth is a secret of God and we can’t understand it in full. But we accept it. God has a lot of secrets which we will realize; they lead us to the Truth.

I want to explain you why exactly we mention the genealogy of Joseph. First of all women had another place in society, they were not equal to men. When Jews counted people, they counted only men; they did not count women or children.

Last year I prayed and got the answer on my question: “Why did they mention the genealogy of Joseph?” And I got such thought: “Because God charged that religious man to bring up God’s Son – Jesus Christ. He entrusted him to be a husband for that young girl – pure and virgin Mary; she was educated in the Temple since she was three. She was in God’s energies, in the Holy Spirit.” During all her life she did not hear bad words or quarrels. She was brought up to bring up God’s Son in purity and righteousness.

This year I prayer about it again: “Why did it happen that it was Joseph, who brought up God’s Son?” We can see that his genealogy goes from Abraham. We see Jacob and Joseph, the son of Abraham, among his great-great-grandfather and other religious people. Because of them the Lord had chosen that nation to bring God’s Truth on the Earth. The people lived, they had children. And the growth of that nation was happening all that time. And that were God’s children. So pious Joseph was the man to whom God entrusted to bring up God’s Son.

I am the electrician by profession, so I want to compare some thing and make it clearly for you. Look, the electric power station produces electric power, but this electric power does not go to us directly. It is isolated in the transformer. It comes into the transformer and goes back. And the transformer has the metal core, which is filled with electromagnetic power and after that it sends this electric power into electrical networks.

And it became clear for me that the Lord works through us; we are like cores that are filled with God’s energy and after we can give it – to do God’s deeds on the Earth. And when we listen to the Gospel, read it, when we listen to the sermons, take the Communion, when we listen to the Apostles – we are being filled with God’s energy all this time.

When the man is not filled with this energy, he is opened for bad energies. And we see it as an example in our neighbor country. What is the whole country filled with? It is not God’s energy. God can’t do such things as they do.

That is why I call you to be that cores, which are filled only with God’s energy. And that is why we come to the Temple with opened hearts, read the Gospel and stay in the Holy Spirit.

Glory to Jesus Christ!