Bishop Basil (Nesterenko)


Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

Today we have heard the Gospel (Luke VIII:41-56) and we see that in it God laid a stress on a faith. The faith can save every person. We see that He created two miracles: healed the woman with discharge of blood and raised from dead Jairus’s daughter.

According to Judaic laws they both were unclean. In no case the woman with discharge of blood could touch something, because it was considered that she is unclean and everything could become unclean. But we see that the Lord turned over everything in the minds of Jews: love and mercy are more important than some laws and traditions. He broke their law about purity, but He created much more with His love, mercy, good for that people. He taught us again and again that we have to do merciful things in our lives. Because merciful doings are much more important than laws.

And we see what humbleness showed the ruler of the synagogue. He was the ruler, but when the grief came to him, he fell to Jesus' feet and begged Him to heal his only daughter.

We see that the woman knew that she would commit a sin if she touches the Teacher Jesus Christ. But her faith was so strong, that she did it. She had already overcome that illnesses and gave all her money for treatment, but nobody could help her. She came only with hope and faith, so it saved her. The faith saved her spiritually and physically. It saved her from all problems in her life and she realized and knew – her salvation is in her touch to Jesus Christ.

If we transfer it to our time it is become clear that a lot of people are treated from serious illnesses. They spend much money. You have to be rich in order to be treated. But people today do not understand that their basic medicine is faith in God. And you have to touch with your heart and soul the faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Because only He can save. He will bless good doctors, He will create all circumstances in your life, that you will be healed. And the person will be healed not just physically, but spiritually. If all people knew that the salvation and health is in faith in God, they would really come and touch Jesus Christ. It is a pity, but not all people understand that.

It is a pity that a lot of us also forget about it. We come to Church, pray, but when something bad happens we forget about Jesus Christ and look for help somewhere else, we ask other people, doctors, government. But we have to put Our Lord Jesus Christ on the first place. We will get the healing only with His help according to our prayers through sincere confession. We all will rise from dead in our harden hearts like it happened with that girl about twelve years of age. We will beg and ask for His spiritual word and will be in full.

I wish us all that we put God in the first place in our lives and live with Him in your hearts.

Let the Lord save you!