Archpriest Vitalian (Drobotun)

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with the Holy Communion, with consecration of your souls and bodies.

Today we have heard an interesting Gospel (Matthew XXI, 33-42) where Jesus Christ taught people who followed Him. He wanted to tell them what they should do on this Earth. He wanted to teach them how to be happy and saved.

You can think: “He told this parable and it concerns only Pharisees and scribes, who lived at those times.” But we can logically move this parable to our life, to that clergy, which is now in Ukraine and in the whole world.

But we can’t say that the Lord appealed only to clergy. The clergy has a great responsibility in front of God. If the priest does not execute his mission, this mission will be taken from him and guilty people will get a punishment. But the Lord also talked about all people. It is possible to expand this parable. Jesus told that every man has its own mission.

If our mission lies in any thing – to take care about the vineyard, or something else, but we do not execute it, the Lord will take this thing from us and will give to other people, who will do it and give results. And it concerns not only to priests. If a man does something in his society, at work, or in family, he carries responsibility for the success of this deed. Maybe, the man does very little thing, but it is important for God. And if a man does not do it in a good way, the Lord will take it away and will give to other people, who will do it in a good way.

We also do not have to take care only about the material side of the deed. Because, if we take care about material too much and do not use it for good deeds, the Lord will take everything away and will give to others, who will do it.

So, dear brothers and sisters, we have to think: “What we are doing? What mission did the Lord give to us? Why did we come in this world? What should we do? What kind of fruits should we give to our Lord Jesus Christ? Do we give something back to the full? Do we give back a little bit? Can the Lord take away this chance from us?”

We say: “We do not have a chance to do some good deed.” But why we do not have? We have hands and legs thanks to God. We walk, we are healthy, or not very, but we can do something. If we say that we can do nothing, the Lord will take even the chance to do it.

A lot of people in the world do not have physical health, but they do so many good things. The Lord saves their souls in such way. So, you shouldn’t think: “Can we execute that mission, which we were born for? Do we make something good for the Universe, God, the Universe of good? Do we multiply this good? Or we have come like drones – to live and enjoy Earth life. And next something will happen what should happen. ” We will go to the hell and will suffer. Do we feel good about such perspective, or not? I think we do not want such perspective to happen with us. So, we have to pray and ask: “Oh Lord, give us the strength to execute that mission, which I was born for. Give me strength to be useful for You, to be in Your Holy Hands, to bring such fruits, which you want me to bring.”

Do you understand? Maybe, we do not understand God’s Will fully. But we ask the Lord to work through us and with time we will understand the goal, the Lord will open it. Everything depends on our free choice – do we ask God for help or not. Do we ask: “God, give me material wealth, good salary and etc.” Maybe someone has financial trials and then you can ask: “God, give me what I need, help with my material situation.” Because the Lord sees that we ask, we are weak. And Jesus told: “The God’s power shows in your weakness.”

If we are weak and we ask: “Oh God, help with my financial situation that I could think about the Kingdom of God, but not about money.” So the Lord will help. “Ask and you will be given; search and you will find.” We have to act in such way. Jesus taught it in His Holy Gospel. If we read the Gospel more often, we will probably understand more and we will come back to the knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Apostle John was Jesus’ Christ the best disciple and the most favorite one. He said: “God is Love.” If you have Love in your soul, God’s Love, it means the Lord is in you. Do you understand? God is Love. What kind of Love? It is not romantic, it is God’s Love. And we must act with God’s Love.

If we have come to the Temple today, what have we done? We purified our souls; we confessed and asked the Lord to clean us from all kind of dirt. And next we ask: “God, fill us up with your Love.”

When we read next passage of Acts we understand that God is Love and He fills us up with His Love. We are in God and He is in us. Our soul sanctifies, becomes more perfect and approaches to God.

That is why, dear brothers and sisters, I call you to take care about fruits, which we should give to God, to Universe and to the Truth. And try to have God inside us, that we will be in Him and His Love will stay in our hearts.

Let the Lord save You.