Archbishop Alexander (Nehodenko)

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

Today we have heard the Gospel of Matthew (XIV:22-34) where the faith goes through like a red thread; it is the same way the faith goes through all knowledge of Jesus Christ. He reminds us about the faith all the time. And you could think: “What does he want from us?! We believe; we come to the church.” It is very good, but I want to pay your attention on the other faith. The faith Jesus Christ talked about. He said: “if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will be able to do miracles.”

Peter believed and he was a simple man; he walked on water and it is a miracle. And sometimes people say: “It is not a fiction, but it is aт interpretation, that he believed in walking on water.” We say it from the position of simple people. And I want to tell you about people of other level of conscience. People, who weren’t afraid of a tiger, who gave their lives for the faith. They were not frightened. Do you understand what level of the faith they had? And Jesus Christ tells us about this level all the time. This level leads a man on the other standard of perception of things, that are on the Earth.

That is why I want to pay your attention on it. Some people ask: “How to do it?” It is clear that you should have a desire. The faith is a process of action. Then we not just talk, but act. You have to act. Do not just sit and be satisfied with what we have: we come to the Temple, do something somewhere. Try to do something what can change you.

Jesus said about people in the future: “You are future gods. Your level will go ahead and you will become the same as I am now. I came to you to show this level.” He did all miracles in order to show that we can do the same. He is the Son of God, but we are also God’s children. It is our perspective. So I want to wish you do not lose this perspective. Because we came from the ground despite we have heavenly spirit and heavenly fire. We are the creations of the Earth and the creations of the Lord.

If we are creations of the Earth, so our time here is short. And this time, which is given to us, we would like to live more perfect. We want to become that gods, which Jesus Christ were talking about; to become similar to the Lord.

It is not heresy; it is normal state of the people in the future. God said about it all the time: “You are creators.” – He said. Who can create? Only a man can do it in the image of God. We can create even now, but our creations will be not as perfect as the creations of the Lord. But we do not forget about it; we create and try to do something. Sometimes it is difficult for us to come to the church, especially in summer sunny day, but we come. We have so many things to do, we did not have a rest, but we still come to the church. It is a progress. We create our soul, our consciousness. It is a consciousness of Living God. I want to wish all happiness and conscience, which would give us an opportunity to go and create, to be God’s children Our Lord dreamed about.

He came on this Earth not just to show miracles, to show how strong, wise and loving He is. He came to show that we can do the same. This is the task of God - to help humanity to go on the higher level of consciousness. It is the consciousness of God. We can call it any way we want to, but it is the state of Divinity on the Earth. And when such people appear more and more, we will have God’s Kingdom. We talk and dream about it all the time. It is a state of happy people, who live according to the rules of justice, love; according to the rules we even do not know, but they will come when God’s Kingdom is on the Earth.

We are like children in front of the world – we want, we will build. But we also want that our efforts will be crowned by the great feast – the feast of meeting with Christ the Lord on the Earth. Every soul wants to meet God and say: “I went through thousand years and I did not betray you.” Every soul wants to say it openly looking directly into Christ’s eyes.

And let every soul think and find the right way. The way of happiness, that is the way of God.

Let the Lord save you!