Archpriest Vitalian (Drobotun)

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with the Holy Communion, with consecration of your souls and bodies.

Today we have heard very interesting Gospel (Matthew VІII:28-IX1). We can think on it: “How could Jesus come to that people, who maybe were not Jews?” Because you know Moses’ Law that Jews considered pigs as unclean animals. So they did not breed pigs, they could not eat them; because they would desecrate themselves if they eat them.

So, how could Jesus come to them? It is very simple. God loves every soul. He loves people who eats pork and who does not. He loves God’s children and not God’s children. He wants to help everyone in salvation. So that God’s Love, which was in Him, leaded Him with all Light, which God Father brought through His Son for Judaic nation. Jesus Christ wanted to give a little bit of God’s blessing to that people too.

And all of you have heard, what happened.

God comes to us also very unexpectedly. And we can accept Him in the soul or not. So we start to think: “If I accept Jesus in my soul, will I lose something material?” Well, we do not have some pigs or other cattle, but we have some material wealth. Maybe, at that time the wealth was measured by the size of livestock, number of domestic animals. Today it is measured in a different way – the deposits in bank and other things.

And when we think: “Should I let in the Lord to my heart? ” And some selfish thoughts appear in the head: “What I will get? What can I lose? What part of my property can I lose? ” I want to say that you will not use anything, but vise verse you will get. You will get the calmness in the soul and God’s grace. You will get the Light of God’s Love in your soul, if you accept Jesus. And we shouldn’t think: “I lose my time and material wealth. How can I renew that all?” Jesus did not think that he was losing His time, he went to that people. We could think: “He was the Lord, the Messiah, the Savior. He knew, what would happen with Him, that He would not be accepted. He saw that before it happened.” Yes, He knew that, but He went ahead, because to people suffered very much and He wanted to help them.

And the Lord knows that we suffer spiritually and physically. He wants to help us, but we cannot always accept Him in our hearts. Today we gathered together. We prayed, confessed, were consecrated and received the Communion. So, accept Jesus in our heart. Tomorrow we will not gather together. We will not pray, confess, receive the Communion. So, we will not accept Him as much as we have done it today. And the day after tomorrow it will happen the same. So in such way this God’s power, energy, grace, which we got today, will disappear, leave us. It leaves us and we become spiritually weaker and weaker. So, when in the middle of the week or in its end God wants to help some people through us, or in some other way to reach our heart we do not hear His voice, we do not want to help people, do not want to follow the Lord.

So, dear brothers and sisters, let’s take as an example Our Lord Jesus Christ, who went and helped people. He went and knew that He would not be accepted, but anyway He did good things, He bought Light, healed people spiritually and physically. So, if we take Him as an example, he will come to us and heal our souls and bodies.

Let the Lord save You!