Archpriest Maxim (Bykov)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Today we have heard the Gospel (Mathew VI:22-33 ) and Apostle (Romans V:1-10) that are connected in our understanding. In what way?

Every soul on the Earth, which comes in this world, gets its body. It starts to live in this world and comes across with one thing – it is a choice. The soul always makes a choice – to do this or that today. Should I go to the Temple or stay at home or go to the other place – it is a choice. The soul makes a choice what to do: evil or good. The soul choses whether to say the truth or to practice deceit. These things are the choices of the soul. Why?

I would say that every soul is a part of God. It is immortal part. The Lord put a part of Himself in us all, we have it. And it is the Lord. His Light, His Love, His flashes, His knowledge, His wisdom. We all have it. But how can we get it all in our life?

We can get it only through our work. It has to be spiritual and physical work. But only with choice. The soul will go through the trials: everyday trials, spiritual trials, moral trials. If she does not blame this world, does not blame herself, does not blame people and take it right with God’s help, she will get the humbleness. As it was said today in the Apostle: the wisdom comes through the humbleness and hope comes through the wisdom.

Now it is directly about our county. We suffered, we prayed, but we did not lose our faith. We want and have a desire that God’s grace could be in us, in our souls, our children and our family. We take all difficulties and sacrifices of hard times to rebuild our country with humbleness, but we also wish for the better future for our country.

We reconciled ourselves to such a situation that we got sufferings. We reconciled ourselves that we have to suffer. Why? Because changes come through trials. They will be better, or worse, but one again it is our choice. The wisdom comes through this. Every time. And we can see truth and falsehood better. We can finally see who says truth and who lies all the time. We start to think, take into consideration and understand what is happening. And the hope comes to us through this wisdom. We have the hope that our country will go out of this disorder, darkness and will enter God’s Light. We hope that this Light will be in our family, in the heart of every soul in our country.

So I ask you to fill up with God’s wisdom, which comes through the humbleness. And we can get through His wisdom and humbleness the greatest gift – Hope.

Let the Lord save you!