Archpriest Maxim (Bykov)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I congratulate you with the feast of Pentecost, dear brothers and sisters!

We know from the Bible that God created the man according to his image and likeness. But I want to ask: what is image? We are also triune as God, because we have body, soul and spirit. They are connected on the Earth. We can’t reject our body, we can’t reject out soul and we can’t reject our spirit. We are united.

People have been living on the Earth. They have been settling here. But their likeness to God, their ability to do good things, to bring God’s light and love has been decreasing in human hearts. That is why God made the next step – it was the coming of Our Savior Jesus Christ, who explained humanity how they must live and what to do. So, He came in this world, gave the knowledge, opened the way for salvation of human souls and gave His life for the sake of this world. He did it for our sake, for all present here and for future generations. But we know that He fulfilled His mission and returned into the Kingdom of God to rule us, our souls, all Universes and to be where His Father wants Him to be.

We remember from the Gospel that the Lord told to Apostles about the descent of the Holy Spirit. He told them to gather together and wait. It was the Heavens' promise. We also have heard today the Acts of Apostles (Acts II:1-11), where it was told about the descent of the Holy Spirit. And we have to understand, that God gave keys from the Kingdom of God through them.

And every soul, which believes in Jesus Christ, believes in the salvation, in the essential part of the salvation has a small key and opens the door of the Kingdom of God. Somebody stays at home alone and tries to do it. Somebody comes to the Temple and do it together with other people in church. Somebody has these keys, but they rusted, although they still have them. And if we use all possibilities, all gifts, which God gives us, we will start to feel the essence of the world; we feel what is right and what is wrong. We can accept God’s love, go deep in it, fill up with it our heart. But it has to be wise. Do not accept only love, but take wisdom too, that love could be wise, that we know how to use it in this world.

That is why I ask you all people in our church and outside it: “Do not neglect the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which comes to us through Apostles, through God. Open your heart – the door of your soul to accept God’s light, God’s grace for your life.”

Let the Lord save you.