Bishop Basil (Nesterenko)


Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with the Holy Sunday and Holy Communion. Let your soul will be filled with Love, God’s Grace not only in the Temple, but outside the Temple.

Today we have heard the Gospel (Mark 9; 17-31) in which the Lord emphasized the fact that we must have the faith to overcome all trials and everything what happens with us. Because we are nothing without faith. And all Gospels are based on faith. And we see what can happen if people do not have faith. As an example in this Gospel we see that not only the father did not have enough faith, but the disciples of Jesus Christ did not have enough faith to heal that boy.

And the Lord saw that. He saw the lack of faith in the father. That is why He said: “I can heal your son only when you believe.” And the father understood that. He realized that he really had a lack of faith. But he loved his son so much that he said to Jesus: “I believe; help my unbelief.”

We are alike with that father, because we do not have enough faith. We all are men of little faith. If we have a faith, complete faith, everything will be like the Lord said: “There is so strong faith that you can say to the mountain – “Move” - and it will move.”

It is true that it is difficult for us to understand that with our human mind, but it happens so. And we know the history. There were the Saints, who could make miracles, heal people and even rise from dead with their faith.

We all have unclean spirits, everyone has its own sins. Someone has more sins, someone has less. But every person has sins. And the Lord gives us a recipe, how we have to heal. Heal yourself not only spiritually, but physically and you reach it through the prayer and fast.

It is true that it is the time of Great Lent and a half of it has already passed. And that people, who understand the importance of this time, keep the fast and purify. You become healthy in your soul and body, because your body can be healthy only in harmony with the soul.

During the fast our organism become clean from all evil spirits. And when we pray to God and unite with Him in the prayer we spiritually become clean. And this fills the man with Love, God’s grace. We feel like a part of God.

Three weeks of The Lent are left. And we all, who hasn’t kept a serious fast, have to understand, that we can unite with God. And it can happen only through His recipe, which He gives us. We can become clean from all our passions.

That is why I wish you all to follow that recipe, which the Lord gives us that in the end of the fast we could come closer to His Resurrection ,to Easter with great happiness and fill our bodies and souls with Love and Grace.