Archpriest Maxim (Bykov)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Today we have heard the Gospel (John I: 43-51), where it is told story how Jesus called his first followers.

Every person on the Earth in its own time asks a question: “Why I do not understand the things that are happening around me? Why does everything happen not in the way I want to? ” And this soul continues: “Why did that happen in such way? Why do I have this situation? Where did it come from? For what purpose did it happen? Why did everything happen? ” We all ask these questions. And it is clear. Every wise and intelligent person starts to think about it. But how can we understand all that? How to do it?

We have heard in the Gospel about the way of doing it. The understanding of all what happens comes through the trust to God. Do you remember how Nathanael said: “Rabbi, you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” You have heard it. What did the Lord answer him? The man, who trusts God, starts to see the open sky. What does it mean? It means that our soul, our heart become opened to God. We start to be like angels. The soul becomes more and more like the God’s Essence as much as it is possible for the soul.

The soul becomes lighter, more spiritual and comes closer to God; during this process it starts to understand everything what happens in the world step by step. Because it starts to understand the surrounding world from the position of God, not from its own position. It can see everything globally, what happens around.

That is why we have to be opened to God in order to have the straight to overcome the trials of the life or different difficult situations. Be opened to Him to take His Essence. It means to invite the Lord to your heart, to your life again, that He could be with us. That He could show us the truth and lies; where people do bad things and cover with good. That we could understand the nature of all things.

It happens only when a person becomes God’s child and has a close connection with God. And it happens only through the hard work, through the spiritual work and physically we stay in the same condition. How does it connected? It happens through the good doings. We are doing good things – we are getting; we are not doing good things – we are losing. We have to understand that.

The man loses his God’s Essence, when he stops to give back. Give back means to do some positive actions. Let it be a prayer or a good doing. It is very simple, without some extra thoughts: “I am doing it in the name of God. Because this is my nature, it is my belonging to You.” And when I have a need to create good things, the understanding of its importance. When we are getting from God His blessing in the same time losing something material. It means we are getting His strength, His blessing, God’s wisdom, which we need so much at present time.

That is why I wish you to have opened heart, soul and life to God. That all present people and all people of Ukraine will be happy God’s children, who have the truth in the hearts, do good things and help with it all people on the Earth. That our Earth becomes the place of God’s Kingdom, not some people’s kingdom, but God’s one.

Let the Lord save you.