Archbishop Alexander (Negodenko)

Christ was born! Let’s Glorify Him!

Dear brothers and sisters, today in the Eve of Epiphany feast I would like to remind you what the Lord told about John the Babtist: “He is the greatest among people on the Earth, but he is the smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven. There are greater souls than he.”

What did the Lord want to tell us? There is a big precipice among Earth and Heaven worlds. It is the precipice of energies. What do I want to say? Remind the parable about Lazarus and the rich man. That rich man asked: “Oh God, send Lasarus to my brothers that he could tell them to stop sinning.” And God explained him: “There is a great precipice between this world and Earth world. But you know everything you need.” That is why the only thing, which men need doing is to grow spiritually to be able to overcome this great distance.

And it is really very big. The main thing is a desire to do it. We have all opportunities on the Earth to fly over this precipice like a rocket and to be in that place, where our soul wants to be.

It is clear, that if we don’t have enough power, we will not reach the Heaven world. That is why I wish you to have that Light, that beautiful energy, which God blesses us in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven of Living God.

Let the Lord save you all!

About John the Babtist and about the overcoming of the precipice between Earth and Heaven worlds