The Turin Shroud. The New Evidence

Movie Title: The Turin Shroud. The New Evidence

Release dates : 2009 

Genre: Documentary 

Directed by: Darlow Smithson

Country: USA 

Language: English

Duration of: 00:47:26 

Description: For centuries, people have argued about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. It is one of the most controversial relics in the Christian world. Some believe it to be a physical link to Jesus of Nazareth - his crucified image imprinted onto a 1st century linen cloth. For others, it is nothing more than an elaborate medieval forgery. In 1988, the definitive scientific verdict on the Shroud was announced - a radiocarbon dating concluded that the Shroud of Turin was a 700-year-old medieval hoax.

But now, this film documents new research by one of the first scientists ever to analyse the relic in the 1970s. Doctor Ray Rogers has uncovered startling new evidence that casts serious doubts over those 1988 findings. In an exclusive interview, given just before he died, he also reveals findings that suggest the Shroud could indeed contain the image of Christ.

This documentary examines other scientific investigations that cast new light on the shroud and questions the 1988 carbon dating. How did the image get on the cloth? And how does it so authentically reproduce evidence of wounds from an actual crucifixion that would have been unknown to a medieval faker?

Using the knowledge of eminent historians and scientists throughout the world, The Turin Shroud aims to reveal the story behind one of most controversial relics in Christianity as the age and authenticity of the Shroud of Turin is, once again, open to debate.