Ukrainian people have one favorite saying: "If I knew where I fell down, I would put some haulm there". It is one of the main national features of Ukrainians, as the famous Ukrainian writer Ostap Vyshnya considered. "If we knew that this building fell down, we would put it in another place" - wrote the humorist in one of his works So, if people knew about their souls a bit more, knew about that traps, which were chasing them in the invisible spiritual world, they would not make their lives more and more complicated. They would not think so much where to look for rescue. They would not visit psychologists, psychotherapeutists, extrasensory perception adepts, sorceress and witches, creating only more problems.

Very important, vital knowledge I have gained in their spiritual studies and soon I have ascertained how useful and effective they are. Now I feel the need to share them with others. Pray God they will go right to that people, who need them.

Few people know that one of the most dangerous traps for the human soul is arrogance. It is showed in the self-admiration, when a person overestimates his/her abilities and resources, neglects God, treats people scornfully, such person is arrogant, overbearing, convinced of own superiority among others. Arrogant person doesn't bear when somebody else is honored, but not he/she is. Such person takes offence, when he/she sets aside; irritates, if somebody says that he/she is wrong; does not listen to advice, which are given by others. Instead of this arrogant prson likes to tell about his/her merits, to boast of them, expect the special attitude and worship. In the Holy Scriptures it is said so: "For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends." (2Cor.10:18). "For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted." (Luke18:14)

The most beautiful angel fell down from the Heavens...

For the first time we read about the arrogance in the Old Testament, we find out that the most perfect angel Satanael fell down from the Heavens; he was infected with this destructive virus, let to his nature. He stopped glorifying God, because he wanted to have the power for himself. And he tempted the third part of all angels in Heavens. He acted in a sly manner and said to them: "Look, we all are so perfect. Why we are not glorified and all glory goes to God?" This is the way the pure angel turned into evil one, means Satan. Remember: the arrogance is the primary source of all sins. And till nowadays this virus extends among human souls, absorbing the light of good, given by God the Father. It is the most insidious weapon against human salvation.

How does the virus of arrogance go deep into the soul?

It is known that there are a lot of viruses in human body, but they are sleeping if the immune system is strong. But if the organism weakens, the armada of viruses starts to attack at the cellular level. It works in the same manner at the spiritual level. When a man leaves God, the source of God's energies lessens. We fall ill unnoticeably at first, because the God's protection has decreased, for example if we blame somebody. We blame, so we put ourselves higher than that person. We rise in your eyes, but fell in the God's eyes. Everything starts form some simple things, then it turns in the habit and later grows in the hatred, which is difficult to root out from your heart. And this hatred blows the fire of arrogance in your soul. Such person is not adequate in its acts and words. Such a person does not see anybody except himself/herself: "I feel good, so reckon with it, because it is normal. I feel bad - it is your fault." And the worst thing is that such a person does not even realize his/her difficult spiritual state. And if you say him/her about it, it will cause the squall of hatred to you. Because this person is ill, blind with sin of arrogance and is not able to estimate what is happening around.

How should you act in this situation?

First of all the infected person needs spiritual help. We can't be angry with ill people: they feel bad; the illness tries to ruin their body. The same as spiritual illnesses ruin the human souls. So we must be patient and delicate. "What to do when the person is not able to understand, apprehend correctly the words or doings, which can help? " - you could ask. So, do it invisibly: hold up the sincere prayer for this person, ask God to help him/her to go out of the darkness, in which he/she stays. Because what is impossible for the man is possible for God. Ask that His boundless healing love force out from the soul of the person the death virus, which strengthens its positions, cherishing the human self-adoration. Do you remember the parable about the tower of Babel? When people, who have one language, decided to create something great. They wanted to build the city with the huge tower in it to immortalize their names. But God mixed their languages and scattered them all over the world. The building was stopped, because "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." (1Peter.5:5)

How to prevent the illness?

It is clear that the arrogance is the great mountain before the entrance to God's Kingdom. We should follow the road left by Lord to not fell ill. We have two good helpers on this way - Love and Forgiveness. During this trip the trials happen - the abysses of loneliness, the quagmires of despair, the obstructions of daily fuss, earthquakes, eruptions of human emotions. But Love and Forgiveness help us not to let the terrible sin, immunizing soul against arrogance. So, reconsider your doings in your life, your ideals. Control yourself constantly: What are the reasons of your doings, maybe they are provoked by arrogance? It helps to prevent the infection with spiritual virus, helps to build our soul upon the Christian values, the center and source of which is God.