Мark, ІХ:17-31

Jesus Heals a Boy with an Unclean Spirit

  • How should we move towards God’s blessing?

    A person who believes in God always comes to a priest to get the blessing when he/she needs help in solving difficult problems, which happen in life. But not always help arrives. Why?

  • How can you protect your soul and save it clean?

    In the Holy Gospel we can find a lot of cases when Jesus Christ healed people, who were obsessed by evil spirit (Luke VIII:26-39, Mark ІХ:17-3, Matthew VIІІ:28-IX:1). What is obsession? How does it rule the person? What power does it have? How can you protect your soul and save it clean?...

  • How can we protect ourselves and our children from the hard diseases?

    Jesus Christ says that a man gets ill because of his sins or his parents’ sins. It looks very easy – just live religious life and your kids and you will be healthy. It is a pity, but in our life everything happens in a very different way. Because we all are weak and poor, even those who visit the church.

  • About the healing of a boy with unclean spirit by Jesus Christ and about the recipe of healing for the  people

    We have heard the Gospel (Mark 9: 17-31) in which the Lord emphasized the fact that we must have the faith to overcome all trials and everything what happens with us. Because we are nothing without faith. And all Gospels are based on faith. And we see what can happen if people do not have faith. As an example in this Gospel we see that not only the father did not have enough faith, but the disciples of Jesus Christ did not have enough faith to heal that boy...