Have you ever heard a nightingale croaking, and a crow trilling, a sparrow clanging , and a сrane weeting? Of course you have never heard that. Everything in the world is created according to the principle of nature accordance. Every bird glorifies God with its language, and we, the Ukrainians, have to glorify God with our mother nightingale tongue as it was planed by the Creator, because the native language - is the way to God? 

 "Mother tongue is the way to God. You can't percieve God through a language, foreign to you !" the great pastor of the Ukrainian people, Metropolitan Hilarion (Ivan Ohienko) teaches in his priceless works dedicated to the great importance of the mother tongue in the spiritual life of every individual and the nation as a whole. 

Everything is easy and perfectly in God. Except the mother tongue, the native land and the native faith were given to each individual as the representative of a certain ethnic group. These important factors form the person's soul and are inextricably linked. So it is clear why in a foreign land the heart misses home and every word of the mother's language makes it quake in a sweet torment. And that is why it is difficult for doctors to treat nostalgia for the native land - a serious illness that has a strong spiritual reason - the isolation of the soul from the motherland's coordinates. A stork always has been the example of devotion and patriotism for Ukrainians. This God's bird flies to the hot countries with a speed of 150 km per hour, and returns thousands of miles to the native land twice time faster.

There is an amusing story by Eugene Dudar, the Ukrainian satirist: "Once a very wealthy Australian of Ukrainian origin was asked: - You have almost everything you want. Is there something that you lack? - Yes, there is, native Ukrainian sky - he answered. His answer is easy to understand. And it is not because his ancestors were thrown to the southern hemisphere and that there are no North star, or the Plough on the Australian sky and not even because the moon is going through it from the west to the east ... Just his soul is attached to the land in the coordinates of the native sky and the motherland Rus-Ukraine."

So, the nationality, language and faith are connected with space coordinates which are strictly defined by the Almighty to every person. They unite people in a community, in the nation - and there are things which are the best for the soul to be redeemed. This is the truth which has to be understood by people. Great Ukrainian philosopher and real patriot Hryhoriy Skovoroda expressed it in such a way: "Rus which does not follows its essence, to me is like, when a person is born with a fish tail or the dog's head. Everyone has to cognize his people and himself in the people. Are you Russian? You should be the Russian. Are you Pole? You should be the Pole. Are you German? You should be the German. Are you a Frenchman? You should be French ... Everything is good in its place and in its image, and everything is fair what is clean, that is natural, that is not a fake, not mixed ... "

There is no worse or better language. For each person his/her native language, given by our Heavenly Father, is the best. All the empires probably collapsed and suffered because they had mixed everything. And that's why sooner or later people who disclaimed their language, their nation were punished. They punished not only themselves but also exposed to danger their descendants. Such a fate befell our people. More than one generation grew thieved. They have connection neither to the earth nor to the sky. It is painfully because they have no suspect that they are spiritually maimed and sick, that they were hypnotized against their native essence. When someone wants to spoil a child, they separate the child from mother.

When someone wants to make people astray, they separate them from their mother tongue. All the wise people whom was given the knowledge from Heaven know: the language is a spirit, a soul. And while the spirit is alive, in other words, when the Lord lives in it, the soul is alive and therefore the people are also alive. Language - is a kind of energy. It is the force that sustains and nourishes the Space. Thanks to word a person can affect the state of the universe and its harmony. And accordingly - the word of the native language helps us to communicate with the Almighty and to create our own destiny. Eloquent illustration of the spiritual nature of a speech is prayers that miraculously influence all living things - prayers in the native language.

Remember, as Paul said: "For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays but my mind is unfruitful" (1 Cor 14.14). The native language - is the voice of the soul, which was given us by the Creator. Therefore, in the space band each string has to sound smoothly not to disrupt the harmony. It should be mentioned, about the inventions of our scientists - professors' physicists of Shevchenko National University R.Furduy and Y.Schvaydak. As a result, of their research it was found that in the Ukrainian language as well as in Jewish language the cosmic harmony is shown as good as it is possible. So, these languages are able to transform the chaos to harmony.

"Mother tongue is the way to God". This is a commandment of Metropolitan Hilarion, the Master of a new era of revival of the Ukrainian Church, a tireless worker in the field of Ukrainian renaissance, written for us as well. 

So through the native language we'll cognize ourselves, and the God's will in us. Let's be ourselves.