The celebration of the Saint Nicholas Day  in the community the temple of the Transfiguration

By established tradition on Sunday 22 December 2019 after the Divine Liturgy in the community the temple of the Transfiguration was celebrated St. Nicholas Day.

Children and adults watched puppet show, greeted each other on the occasion, entertained fun contests and met St. Nicholas songs and poems. And Saint Nicholas was glad of such a meeting, welcomed and bestowed gifts to children of God with the beginning of New Year holidays and the approach of Christmas.

In the end of the celebration children and adults were treated to incredible goodies that with love and imagination prepared Deacon Alexander.

A great gratitude to all people, who took part in the process of creation of the very happy and tasty celebration of good for community - the day of Saint Nicholas.

Let the Lord bless all of us and make the world better through our good hearts.

Happy holidays!