The participation in the March of Peace «I am Volnovakha»On January 18, 2015 in Kiev the faithful of the community of the Transfiguration of the Lord Temple took part in the March of Peace “I am Volnovakha”. There was also a service for all lost from the hands of terrorists. The action happened at the same time all over Ukraine and in many other countries of the world with the aim to express the solidarity in a grief to lost in terrible tragedy, which happened on January 13 near Volnovakha town, where Russian terrorists coolly shoot a bus with civil people. Thirteen people died and seventeen got wounds of different level of complication. Among people who were killed happened to be kids, youth and elder people.

It is difficult to express with words all pain, sorrow and deep sympathy with the families of dead. Hearts are filled with just anger against cruelty and cynicism, which are ruled by terrorists, who kill civil people. The participators of the action are united in their aspiration for peace, but resolutely stand against the threat to world – the terrorism.

The terrorism does not have a right to exist. We must fight against it, but this fight must be done with our common efforts. We have to unite and consolidate the strength of all world community.