In evening of January 13, 2015, in Kyiv, the clergy and the faithful of the Transfiguration of the Lord Temple, according to the old Ukrainian tradition, congratulated Kyiv residents on the start of the New Year by the Julian calendar. In this evening (popularly referred to as "Generous Evening"), the whole family gathers at the festive table and wish each other prosperity in the New Year. Meanwhile, carolers (children and adults) go from house to house, congratulating the hosts on the holiday and singing shchedrivki (Ukrainian folk songs dedicated to generous evening), wishing family happiness, love and prosperity in the New Year.

Hark! How the bells, sweet silver bells
All seem to say, "Throw cares away."
Christmas is here, bringing good cheer
To young and old, meek and the bold
Ding, dong, ding, dong, that is their song!