Participation in the general assembly in blessed Maidan

S unday, 22 December 2013, after the accomplishment of the Divine Liturgy and common prayer for God to strengthen the power of the people of Ukraine , the clergy and parishioners of the church of the Transfiguration joined the general assembly in Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square in Kyiv, which brought together nearly 500 thousand Ukrainians.

For more than a month, citizens protest against arbitrary power, standing for a decent life for Ukrainian people, for a better future of Ukraine. Faith in the victory of the people is not dying, but rising. And people believe that the Lord blesses this peaceful bloodless fight. The manifestation of the Lord's love is unusual for December mild and relatively warm weather that lasts throughout the entire period of peaceful resistance of the people against the abuses of government. So God protects rally participants.

May God bless everyone who rises for the common good and free future for his native land, the mother of Ukraine for the Ukrainian people. This struggle, which involves the people from all cities of Ukraine is sacred, so it is impossible to retreat.