Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

n the morning of December 4, 2013, the feast of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated in the Transfiguration of the Lord temple. It's not just honoring of the ancient Christian tradition, it’s a symbol of beginning of a new life, re-thinking of your destination, clearing of the past sins, transition to a higher comprehension in the faith.

Such profound faith was shown by Mary’s parents, righteous Joachim and Ann, who passed through trials to prove their sincerity and devotion to God. They, having lived to an old age, still believed that God would give them a baby for their pious life. When Ann had promised to dedicate a child to God, a miracle happened: despite all earthly laws, Anna became pregnant and gave birth to a girl named Mary. As promised, in age of three years she was given for education in the temple in Jerusalem, where she studied the Scripture, learned to sew and embroider, preparing to serve God all his life.

Presentation to the temple was very solemn. It had great importance to the Jews, as a girl was devoted to God, she was brought up as a future mother of the Savior. That grand soul came to Earth exactly for such a mission. Therefore, the event turned into a great Christian holiday - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its importance is immense as from that moment Mary begins to prepare for fulfilling her destination as the mother of the Messiah. The God himself, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, came to earth through the blessed virgin. Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary became a symbol of great faith and devotion to God, obedience to the will of God, undeniable and profound understanding of the importance of promises given to God. This holiday reminds every Christian that he or she should walk the path of life straightly, courageously overcoming steep rapids and worshiping the God only. Of course, you can’t live without committing mistakes, because temptations await you every second. However, the fact is not selfishness and hypocrisy, not cheating, deceit and greed are counselors and companions of a genuine Christian, but love to a neighbor, the awareness of sin and opposition to it, striving for justice and peace and responsibility for your word given to God. This is actually boundless devotion to God – the one, which had Joachim, Ann and Mary...