Joint prayer for the wisdom and patriotism of the people’s deputies of Ukraine

O n Sunday, February 2, 2014, in the Transfiguration of the Lord Temple, after completion of the Divine Liturgy, the joint prayer was made by the clergy and the faithful of the community for the native Motherland, for its protection from the dark forces, for its God’s people, for the healing of all spiritual and physical wounds of all well-known and unknown latest heroes of Ukraine, for the good work of the next Verkhovna Rada session to overcome the political and economic crisis in Ukraine, for the responsibility, wisdom and patriotism of the people’s deputies. Let the spirit of peace and search of common weal be in their hearts during the time of adoption of legislation in the name of cathedral and independent Ukraine.

Oh Lord, You heard Moses, when he stretched out his hands to You, the people of Israel strengthened in Amalekites, armed to battle Joshua and commanded the sun to stop. And now, Oh Lord, hear us, we pray to you. Strengthen with Your strength our devout nation, bless its case, multiply the glory of its victories, strengthen with Your almighty right hand our country, keep troops, send Your angel to strengthen our defensive people, give us all that we ask for salvation; reconcile the feud and make peace. Oh Lord, send Your invisible right hand, that protects Your children in every situation. Because it is your authority, kingdom and power and we take the help from You, we set our hopes on You and we glorify You, Our Father , Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever and for ages. Amen.