Jesus is coming! Let’s glorify Him!

Jesus is coming! Let’s glorify Him!

Dear brothers and sisters, accept the sincere congratulations with the Christmas Day!

Thousands years separate our present time from the time of visiting Jesus Christ of our Earth. Since the first Christmas and till now God, as the Creator and the Loving Father, constantly looks after His children. He sends blessing energy of purification and spiritual healing on the Earth.

Today Ukrainian nation, our people especially need purification and healing. It is not very quick and simple process. But still it is time for actions, time of spiritual consciousness of our human being. It is time for changes in better way.

Who will stand against us, if God is with us?

If people stand in light – it means in God’s energies - that people are invincible!

I wish all of us to be that little parts of Gods light, who creates the future of our Ukraine.

Jesus is coming! Let’s glorify Him!

Primate of the Orthodox Community of the Transfiguration of the Lord Temple>
Archbishop +Alexander (Nehodenko)

2016 God’s year