Presentation of the LordIn the morning of February 15, 2015, in the Transfiguration of the Lord Temple, Archbishop Alexander in concelebration with Bishop Vasyliy and Bishop Nicholas ministered a Divine Liturgy in the honor of the great Christian feast of Presentation of the Lord, which originated from the Old Testament, gaining spiritual significance in the New Testament, giving by the Lord Jesus Christ.

By law, that Moses gave to his people, all parents were to bring the firstborn children to the temple on the fortieth day for visible circumcision from sin to receive a blessing from God. This law was established in memory of Exodus of Jews out of Egypt - liberation from slavery, salvation from death.

But not always visible circumcision gave man possibility to live without sin, to be spiritually free. People continued to commit sin, do unjust things in their life, considering themselves to be the chosen by God.

It was the Lord Jesus Christ who brought us the true doctrine, understanding the essence of cleansing of sin, liberation from spiritual slavery. Receiving non made circumcision through repentance, interpreting our life, learning to accept God's love, we gain forgiveness in our heart and receive God's blessing, we become truly free children of God, born to eternal life.