Jesus is coming! Let’s glorify Him!

Jesus is coming! Let’s glorify Him!

Dear brothers and sisters, I congratulate you with the Day of Christmas!

The coming of God’s Word on the Earth in the image of Jesus Christ gave the humanity a new stage of the spiritual development – improvement of human nature through love and serving. And every God’s child finds this Christian way sooner or later. And the special time comes and even the whole nation stands in front of choice of its further growth: to be in light or darkness, to be slaves of free God’s children. This choice is not easy and it needs great efforts from the nation. All genuine things must be tested for its strength.

I want to remind you that in the times of great trials the soul of Ukrainian people, its Divine nature was always turned to God. And I believe as millions of people that as long as we are with God, in His Truth, we will gain the victory. Because it is impossible to overcome God!!!

On the Christmas Eve I want to wish every Ukrainian man to think who he is and where is the right way.

I also want to wish all to be spiritually free and could clearly see everything, to see the First star, to be spiritually and physically healthy in order to have strength to follow it.

Let love, peace and harmony be with us and in our Ukraine!

Jesus is coming! Let’s glorify Him!


Primate of the Orthodox Community of the Transfiguration of the Lord Temple

Archbishop +Alexander (Nehodenko)

2015 God’s year