Archbishop Alexander (Nehodenko)

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Today we have heard the Holy Gospel (Mark XV:43-XVI:8) about the Myrrhbearers, who on the next day after Saturday openly went to Lord’s tomb to anoint him with spices according to the Judaic traditions. The glory of the Myrrhbearers goes through the centuries. And today we talk about them all the time. It is true that a woman is more sensitive, tenderer. In the other hand she can give way to temptation, as it happened with Eve. But if a woman has the Lord in her heart, she will not leave a right road.

I want to tell about those women, who followed Jesus. What did lead them? The faith leaded them and the confidence in Law which had to be complied by women. They understood that there were no men near them, but somebody had to bury, anoint and to follow the dead man, they loved even after death.

I have to say that it was difficult task. It is now you may think that it was easy to go and anoint His Body. It was a great fear, because they walked and understood that any minute the armed people or Jews, who hatted Jesus, could attack and kill them. Because the murder in the name of God considered to be a very good thing. It considered as a blessing thing to kill a sinner in the name of God. You kill because you want to exterminate the heresy. As it was said: take out those weeds, which are growing on the God’s field. They did not completely understand, what they were doing.

But I want to tell about another thing. Do you see what is happening now in Ukraine? So, I want to remind you that when a great dangerous come, people always unite near the Truth, near God. It always happens like this. People prayed more, they went to the church often. Because our prayer harmonizes the space, if somebody does not know, I will remind. A prayer, which goes from a sincere heart to the Purity, to the Light harmonizes the space. And we need now in our Ukraine to have more purity and light and less darkness and evil.

We all worry about our future, but a lot of people think In such way: “The last president came, amassed by theft and ran away… What can we do?...” Every person more or less carries the fault, that we let this man rule our country and we are on the brink of ruin.

I don’t want to remind you what may happen, but we all must sincerely and strongly pray. Because a great responsibly lies on God’s children. Because you listen to some people and you understand that they are turned into zombie. We saw our mesmerized people who came and told very similar things. They said that words, which were put in their minds, in their conscious. They are mesmerized as all country near us, our neighbor country. They tell things, which do not happen. They tell very contrary things. There is a mechanism of mesmerism. Partially people on the West of our country are also mesmerized.

And our prayer have to be strong and perfect as much as possible. That is why I ask you in this special time to pray together. Our prayer at home is a necessity. But take care about our unity, because when we come to the Temple our prayer are multiplied. It is not just added it is multiplied.

So my dear, when something will happen it will be late to talk. Let’s to everything what depends on us. Because we come to this Temple not just to sing and glorify God, we do God’s work on the Earth. He always says: “My children hears My Voice, follows My Way, speak My Words.”

So, I call you all to be the disciplines and Myrrhbearers in man or woman body – it does not matter. The main is that the Faith and Law lead us. Maybe we do not want to do it, but we know that we have to. Because the future of the country, our children depends on it. You can imagine very bad future, which can happen with our country. Maybe it can be an active stimulus to understand that the enemy stands near our door. It is a sin, a very big sin, which is carried by unwise people, unwise souls. Now we have to drive away this evil power with our prayer, God’s Hand.

We can do it because God with us, if we are with Him.

God with us, if we are with Him, in His Light, His Power. But not if we say how bad they are, how stupid. We understand the nature of evil and we have to gain the victory over it with God’s Love and His Power. God’s Love is not just a fairy tale, it is a big power, which can overcome the darkness. And I hope it will gain a victory now.

“Who is against us if the Lord is with us” – always say people in front of big trials.

It is true. Who can overcome the power, which created the Universe? Nobody. We must help this power to come on the Earth; to come and destroy this darkness, which is spread all over our country.

Lets understand and work in the name of Living God.

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!