Joint prayer for the people of Ukraine on the eve of Christmas

S unday, January 5, 2014, on the eve of Christmas, in the Transfiguration of the Lord temple, after completion of the Divine Liturgy the clergy and the faithful had common prayer for the great people of Ukraine, who fight for the dignity, freedom, right to live free on the earth today. Today Maidan is no longer just a geographical point. Maidan is in hearts of the best sons and daughters of our native Ukraine. Ukrainian today - it not a national identity, but is an appeal of the heart, in that the love blessed by God burns bright flame to good, to the justice, to the brothers and sisters, to native land.

Let little Jesus in these majestic for all humanity days of Christmas sets the heart of all people in Ukraine with the fire love. And let all the lies, all falseness and all evil burn in this saint fire.

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!