On Sunday, March,14, the clergy and the faithful of the UAOC-C carried out the Cross procession, making protest against discrimination of the God’s Church along the central streets of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

By their actions, the faithful of the UAOC-C tried to pay attention of the society to what is happening in our country, how corruption flourishes, how those, who love this land and take care of it, who want to lead people to God and give the spiritual knowledge to the Ukrainian people are persecuted.

Carrying out the cross procession, the faithful of the UAOC-C tried to focus the attention on their Church, to the fact that the Ukrainian Orthodox church cannot obtain the registration in Ukraine already for 8 years. On the example on what is happening with the UAOC-C everybody can see what terrible discrimination and what terrible lawlessness are perpetrated now in Ukraine.

The faithful of the UAOC-C hope that their voice will be heard by the new authorities and the persecution of the God’s Church will be stopped.