On Sunday, on January 31, the clergy and the parishioners of the UAOC-C carried out the Cross procession along the central streets of the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv in protest against the discrimination of the God's Church.

In 2002, the returning of the canonical branch of the UAOC-C from the Diaspora to Ukraine took place through Vladyka Moses. The government-orientated church leaders took that as menace to their status and the status of their ecclesiastical organizations. And since that time, the intelligence agencies, that yet during the Soviet times upholded close cooperation with the orthodox church of the Kremlin, have outwatched the development of the God's Church in Ukraine. Therefore, the methods of influence have remained the old ones - that of the KGB - the unwanted church is not registered, is belied and is persecuted (from the interview with Filaret Denysenko...).

The discrimination of the UAOC-C has occurred for 8 years. For 8 years, the UAOC-C has remained to be officially unacknowledged by the power of Ukraine, the fact of what violates the legislation of Ukraine, not complying with the judgments of court that had obliged to register the church (read more...).

We address to all the people of the good will, to all honest Ukrainians, pray with us and struggle with us! In order to in Ukraine will be no offended for the belief, love to God! In order to defend the God's preacher and the God's Church!

May God bless us and may Michael the Archangel protect us.

The force of God will gain the victory!