On Sunday, on the eve of the International Children’s Day, the clergy and the faithful of the UAOC-C carried out the Cross Procession along the central streets of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv in defense of the rights of an unborn child, against the willful homicide of the children by their mothers – against abortions.

In the moment of conception, the soul blessed by God comes into this world. Thus the way of every human life begins on the Earth. But for many this life lasts 8 months. The legalized homicide of an unborn child occurs 700 times per 24 hours, over 2 million times per year in Ukraine. The homicide of a child, who already has the developed nervous system and pure sensual soul. So, this child feels to the full all the infinity of fear and pain where the tiny small body is being torn into pieces. This terrible homicide occurs by the decision of mother, whose nature is to be love and protection of her child.

Thus is infringed the God’s commandment – you shall not murder. This commandment is being violated by a person through a homicide of an unborn child and by a state through laws, which allow committing this homicide. This grave sin falls upon all the people, depriving them of the God’s Blessing and closing the way to better tomorrow.

The clergy and the faithful of the UAOC-C addressed to the Ukrainians, calling to realize the horrible nature of this legalized homicide of an unborn child, to unite the efforts of the religious and non-government organizations and to initiate the procedure of adopting of the law, which would give right to life for all the Ukrainian children.