On December 13, on the Day of Saint Apostle Andrew the First-Called, the clergy and the faithful of the UAOC-C held the sacred procession along the centre of Kyiv as the manifestation of the protest against the corruption in the governmental institutions of Ukraine. The faithful prayed near the edifices of the Secretariat of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in order to the God’s will and the God’s power dominated in the life of our State.

In the first century A.D. by the will of our Lord and God Jesus Christ, Apostle Andrew the First-Called brought the Saving teaching to the Ukrainian lands. The strength of the state grew along with the spreading of Christianity. And the golden age of the Kievan Rus was exactly in the time of the heyday of the spirituality of our people.

The sacred procession on the Day of Apostle Andrew the First-Called is the small contribution of the clergy and the parishioners of the UAOC-C to the sacred task of the awakening of the Ukrainian people, the recovery of their God-loving essence.