November 28, on the Holodomor of 1932-1933 victims Memorial Day, the clergy and the faithful of UAOC-C had the sacred procession of sorrow from the Independence Square till the Square of Glory in Kyiv.

The dreadful events of the distant past warn us today, they are like the fearful lesson from the history of the Ukrainian people. Then, on the eve the physical Holodomor (death by starvation) took place the spiritual Holodomor - the priests were killed, the churches were destroyed, the spirituality of the people was exterminated.

After Ukrainian land obtaining the independency, the soul of the Ukrainian people started to revive as the soul of the faithful and pious people.

People of good will, give your voice and struggle for your rights. Only all together we will manage to overcome corruption in the state institutions. Only all together we will manage to assert our spirituality.