In the morning on the July 21, 2012, the clergy and the faithful of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical held the blessed by God green action, having cleaned the recreation area of the residents of the Osokorky district in Kyiv.

With happiness and enthusiasm the community worked for the good rest of unknown people in the hot summer day near the picturesque lake. In such way God works in this world through the sincere and open hearts, He inspires to do good things and help people. And such work makes us really happy. Because, when we give with sincerity of our soul, we are being filled with the God's grace, which gives the feeling of happiness and joy.

God builds His Kingdom on the Earth through us. Our body is the Temple of Holy Spirit and it is given for us to serve for good deeds on the Earth. God cleans the Earth by our hands, He visits people who need help walking by our legs, He consoles them by our mouth, He sympathizes with them by our hearts, He sees that one, who needs help by our eyes ...

There is so much dirt in the world - spiritual and physical. So, let's work with God, let's clean our Earth. Let's make good doings in the name of God for the sake of people, and we will approach that time, when the God's Kingdom comes in our county and in this world.