On Forgiveness Sunday, the day before the Lent, the clergy and the faithful of the UAOC-C carried out the Cross procession along the central streets of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv against the spiritual impoverishment of the Ukrainian people, against the persecutions of the God’s Church and for the return of the God’s preacher Patriarch Moses to Ukraine.

The Lent is the special time for the Christians, when a person reconsiders his/her life, brings the sincere penitence to God and then the purification of a soul and invigoration of a body occurs.

A soul of every individual is the part of the soul of the people of the country. And the power mirrors the spiritual state of the people. When the spiritual decaying of the majority of the people in the State takes place, the ruling of the power in such a State becomes alike the mother care for her children, not the cruel ruling of the slave owner for whom the slaves are just means for his enrichment.

To prevent the spiritual decaying of the peoples, God has created His Church on the earth to lead people to the clear and happy life through His priests.

But nowadays in Ukraine, Church has substituted the activity of the God’s preachers in the lives of people to ritualism, to business, to the means of political influence on people. Considerably it is the result of the theomachist power ruling which vested in the frocks the servants of the Soviet power and KGB and has been exterminated the priests sent by God till the present day ( see more...).

The clergy and the faithful of the UAOC-C has experienced in their lives, in the lives of their relatives and neighbors what the pleasure is to live freely under the God’s shelter and how Lord directs and helps those who strive for living according to His precepts ( see more...). And so they are struggling in Ukraine for the spiritual purification of the State, for the happy future, life under the shelter of God.

May the coming days of the Lent help the Ukrainian people to purify their souls and receive with the clear hearts the Resurrection of God in order to the Blessing of God comes to the Ukrainian land and the preachers of God help people to develop the Kingdom of God in Ukraine and all around the world.